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Our Kombucha Flavors

Rock'n Raspberry Rose

A strong raspberry flavor  with a light rose floral note with a lovely tart bite.

Snazzy Strawberry

Crushable sensation of strawberry in every sparkling mouthfeel with a semi-sweet linger.

Golden Honey Ginseng

A zip of ginger meets sweet honey. Made with the perfect combination of ginger root, green tea, and honey, it’s simply blissful.

Scooter's Green Peach

The perfect balance between peach and green tea: carefully calibrated to delight your senses.

         Blackberry Sage
Herbaceous and earthy as well as sweet and tangy.  You will definitely taste the medicinal undertones in this kombucha.

Rock'nRaspberry Rose 12oz.JPG
Snazzy Strawberry 12oz.JPG
Honey Ginseng 12oz.JPG
Scooter'sGreenPeach 12oz.JPG
Blackberry Sage 12 oz.JPG

         Floral Bouquet
made with tart hibiscus and sweet rose tea.  Together they give this tea a flowery sweetness with a tartness that is perfectly in balance, making this a wonderfully refreshing kombucha perfect for hot summer days.

          Very Merry Berry
An intensely rich berry concoction of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and currants create this hearty booch. This kombucha packs a flavor punch.

     Moringa Mango
Moringa offers an earthy flavor similar to that of green tea.  This earthy notes are balanced out when paired with  sweet, tropical mango

       Wacky Watermelon
Tangy sweet flavor that’s unparalleled. It is a  summery spin that is one notch up.

Floral Bouquet 12 oz.JPG
Very Merry Berry 12 oz.JPG
MoringaMango 12oz.jpg
Wacky Watermelon1 12oz.JPG

Available in 12 oz Bottles and 1 Gallon Growlers

Our Kombucha flavors change seasonally, so be sure to check back often to find out which flavors are on vacation and which are currently brewing.

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